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p4l 1 Background
Nature ensures the conservation of the earth.  It Is nature that makes all life possible.  Man is only a guest here on earth, and not the host as he so often seems to think. In order to restore the earth’s natural balance, it is essential that we conserve resources and energy. The western consumer society produces 50 million tons of electronic waste every year. This cannot continue.
  p4l 2b Unlimited lifespan
Keen designs and manufactures energy efficient light fixtures with an unlimited lifespan.  It really is possible!  Modular light fixtures consist of removable components, which are simply interchangeable or replaceable with newly developed state-of-the-art lighting components. 
  p4l 3b The quality of the fixtures and the way in which the components are housed in the fixtures, form a guarantee for long-term use. The timeless design of the fixtures also ensures a high, aesthetic experience. Everything is produced in Netherlands.
  Pay for Light!
Pay for Light means one can buy light, rather than a fixture. The user agreement (for a certain time span) covers the use of the fittings.  The user buys only the use, including the service.  This is an enduring solution, without risks and with a clear monthly cost.

Dia behuizing3 Circular use
At the end of the agreement period Keen Light Design can refit the fittings with the newest techniques and make a new agreement with the user. That means that when the agreement ends, materials can be reused, and a cheaper continuation agreement may be signed.
Led chip technology is developing fast and will continue to do so in the coming years.  In addition, the user gets an estimated energy saving of between 30 and 50%.
  p4l 4 Good reasons to choose Pay for Light:
- Enduring use of raw materials
- Quality lighting with very low energy costs
- Facility savings: no maintenance costs
- Clear contractual costs, no risks
- Investment may be spread over a longer period
- Reuse means that costs can be reduced even further
- Always equipped with the latest lighting techniques
- Materials returned against their remaining value
Several types of agreement

Sales agreement
- User owned materials agreement
- Optional: a maintenance contract for a limited time.
- When the agreement comes to an end, the owner can refurbish the fittings with the latest techniques and sign a new agreement

Material Use
- The user is not the owner of the materials, but acquires the right to use them (for an agreed period), including a service contract
- The owner can exchange components for the newest, modern techniques when the agreement ends. after that, it is possible to sign a new agreement.
- On signing a new agreement with new materials, Keen Light Design determines the remaining value of the old materials. This remaining value is then calculated into the new user agreement.

Material Passport
All materials are included in a Material Passport, per space.
Only materials equipped with a CLT label (cool light technology) may be included in the agreement and in the Material Passport
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