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We all now what light is

but it's not easy to tell

what it is

Light determines not only that we see, but also how we see things. Good lighting is important for body and soul. Light regulates our biological clock and our body temperature, and therefore our day/night rhythm. Light affects all our senses and our mental well being.

Keen is the expert in lighting and light applications. The company wants to disseminate its knowledge and expertise. This expertise is professionally captured and processed so that people can realize their potential.

manifest1 The only thing we see of the light, is the source and the surface onto which it is reflected. The route light takes, is not visible.
manifest2 Natural light instructs our biological clock gets and regulates the production of the hormone melatonin.  The melatonin then determines our sleeping patterns, our moods, appetite, sex drive and performance.
manifest3 Natural light
During the day, the sky is one large clear surface, light by the sun.  The light reflects onto the earth, making the luminosity above greater than that beneath us. At the same time, light is very even.
manifest4 In the evening and at night, the roles are reversed. The sky is dark, the moonlight reflects on the earth, which reflects that light back again. That is why we see more beneath and close to us at night, and the contrasts are great.

We can only ensure good, clear lighting if we respect the natural laws of clarity.  Our biological processes are designed to work with this, and they determine our well being, our health and our performance.

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Light to live with

Good lighting is important for our body and our mind. Light regulates our biological clock, our body temperature, our moods and our sex drive.  To mention just a few things. Therefore, we must think carefully about the lighting at home, in the office, in hospitals, in cafe’s, anywhere.

Egbert Keen, the only light philosopher in the country, helps people and companies with their lighting.  In this fascinating book, he offers more insight into the phenomenon of light and gives practical advice on lighting, from the kitchen to the bedroom, from the reception area to the sports hall.

The book can be ordered via the order form (only in Dutch available).
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Keen as a speaker

Egbert Keen is an inspired speaker on light and the importance of light for the well-being of man. He wants to share that knowledge. By his lengthy research into the use of led chips in lighting fixtures, he puts light – surprisingly – in the perspective of re-use and durability. Why? Because a sustainable economy is essential. Striking, unorthodox, full of humor. That is Keen that – coincidentally – light philosopher was. He is to hire as a speaker for instances, businesses and associations. Request a quote for an inspiring, informative and controversial spreeksel. Light your light on at Keen!
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